Discover freedom in your life in this community created to help you overcome your battles, create disciplines to move and nourish your body, and reclaim your walk with Christ. 

  • the daily body image battle making you feel like you’re riding a hamster wheel? 
  • the commitments to new diets/ plans but failure to stick to them? 
  • feeling alone and isolated in life wondering if you’ll ever find true connection? 
  • the struggle bus of life and constantly feeling like you can’t keep up? 
  • the to-do list that feels like it just keeps growing and leaves you feeling like you can’t find peace or stillness?  

to help women uncover what is holding them back from creating a level of health only Jesus can provide!  

I am calling in on YOU to join us….  

  • If you could lose weight and feel more energetic without a diet At ALL 
  • If you had a access to a health professional who has walked through this journey and desperately wants to help you (that’s me hehe)
  •  If every single month you were equipped with fresh tools to continue to push you in your freedom walk 
  • If you you were swarmed with women chasing the same thing as you
  • If you could FINALLY feel comfortable in the girl that looks back at you in the mirror when you are about to hop in the shower  
  • If you KNEW God was close and had guidance on how you can build that relationship with Him daily  
  • New workout program monthly focusing building a strong foundation, increasing metabolism, and pushing your limits!  
  • Nutrition guidance- learn how to intuitively eat and FINALLY have control over what you put into your body to meet your goals! 
  • Monthly Rooted Bible study and journal prompts to follow. How to dive DEEP into the Word. 
  • Weekly Tuesday LIVE videos with Quick Tips/Motivation from Tanner.  
  • An open and safe place to talk with a community of like-minded women.  
  • Bi-weekly accountability challenges (sometimes winners b/c gifts are fun) 
  • Two LIVE video coaching sessions a month. 
  • Daily support, health tips, recipes, and love! 
  • Bonus content and resources to help create more discipline in your life.